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Featured Agents

Sierra Howard

Buyer's Agent

License Number: RRE-RBS-LIC-63123

My tenacious attitude and willingness to go the extra mile makes me a force in the real estate world. I am experienced enough to admit that I don’t have all the answers but am willing to get the answers as quickly as possible. Rest assured that you will be well informed during this process and I will have your best interest at heart. I am a buyer’s agent for the RE/MAX Bitterroot Team and as your buyer’s agent, I promise to always work diligently for you! For my out-of-state buyers I provide video walk-throughs of homes and properties, so you can get the most information possible without having to make multiple trips. I have an honest and straight-forward demeanor, I will not fluff any information and will always be direct in giving you all the facts about a home or property. I look forward to developing lasting relationships with all of my clients and those who truly value a Montana lifestyle.

Vinda Milless

License Number: 8341

In 1993, Vinda got her real estate license. One morning she was sitting at the dining room table when her husband, Larry, walked in. He took one look at her and said, “Gee, you’re deep in thought. What are you thinking about?” She explained that they had come across some really good Realtors and they’d come across some she felt were really bad. What kind of a Realtor was she going to make? He asked her what she liked about the good ones. She had quite a list of things. They followed up; they told her the truth whether it was what she wanted to hear or not; they were willing to go the extra mile; they weren’t afraid to say they didn’t know but they would find out and the list went on. He then asked what she didn’t like about some Realtors and she had quite a list there also. When finished, he said, “Well, it sounds to me as though you’ve answered your question.” To this day, when there is a question about how to go about something or what should be done, Vinda goes back to that discussion. What would she want a Realtor to do if it was her? It’s never let her down. Vinda had been a court reporter for 25 years. She came across lots of real estate cases. Every single one had something in common – the people were unhappy, hurt, disillusioned, or had some kind of complaint. There wasn’t one transaction that had gone smoothly. Listening to these court cases, Vinda saw some similar themes. Someone had let the ball down somewhere along the line – they hadn’t disclosed something or they hadn’t done their due diligence or they hadn’t followed up on something. Bottom line, most real estate cases just didn’t need to turn out as a negative experience. Vinda felt that buying and selling real estate should create positive results in people’s finances and/or lifestyles or both. For this to happen there were two requirements. First you had to have the facts and know what they meant. Secondly, you had to have a good team of experts to guide you on market trends, availability and potential outcomes. Now as a Realtor for many years, Vinda’s mission is to help people make the best possible decisions for themselves and their families.
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